In this web you can enjoy some images made with digital tools. All are free,  for personal and non-commercial use.

It is as simple as clicking on the PORTFOLIO section, select the images that you like and download them on your computer.

All of them are saved as optimal resolution in order to get the best printing results.




How are these images made?

First of all, figures and objects are made using a “human modeling” program. Then, these figures and objects are integrated into another program, bearing in mind lighting, objects materials, transparencies, shadows, etc. to create the final model.

Once the model is created, the program generates the final scene. Depending on the complexity and the computer that we use, it can take from hours to days to generate such a scene.

Images size is 12.288×9.216 pixels and 300 dpi resolution which is 40,9″ x 30,7″

All images are for free and you can modify them whenever they are not for commercial purposes.